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The Symbols

The symbols are watercolour to represent the compassion and care required

for the families in such a tragic event.

The infinity loop is gold to represent that the individual was and still is valued

by all those around them. However, the symbol is torn and frayed to represent

the internal turmoil that could not be beaten.

The emergency services symbol has a sprig of Golden Wattle woven through its centre symbolizing that the community is still with them.

A symbol of unity, Australia's national floral emblem displays

the national colours of green and gold when in flower. It is ideally suited

to withstand Australia's droughts, winds and bushfires.

The resilience of wattle is said to represent the spirit of the Australian people.

The veterans' symbol has a sprig of Rosemary woven through the centre

symbolising that the military is still with them.

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