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About Us

Cor Infinitus aims to establish memorials throughout the country dedicated to those that served our nation and took their own life.

Cor Infinitus has the following powerful purposes...

  • To provide dignity and respect to those that have served Australia and taken their own life.

  • To publicly acknowledge the loss suffered by families and loved ones and provide them with a place of reflection, dignity, and respect.

  • To assist in the prevention of suicide.

  • To support the destigmatization of mental illness and suicide.

The memorials do not represent any individual person, era, or circumstance. They are anonymous and owned by all families of those lost.

Cor Infinitus is not intended to glorify a person’s final act to take their own life.

The creation and presence of a memorial will promote conversation around mental illness, whilst messaging of hope and help in the immediate vicinity of the memorial will provide numbers for immediate crisis assistance as well as real words from real families impacted by suicide to promote help-seeking.

The combination of all these elements will assist to destigmatize

both mental illness and suicide.