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Marble Surface

How do I get a
Cor Infinitus Memorial?

If you would like a Cor Infinitus memorial, please read the steps below and download the PDF for more information. 

1.  Identify a location

2.  Consult stakeholders (e.g., ESO’s, families, community, Council, specific committees, funding source)


3.  Provide artist impression/ PowerPoint picture of the proposed memorial site to Cor Infinitus (CI) Founder to ensure CI values are upheld, standardization of memorial and psychological safety

4.  Gain funding (For the physical memorial. Cor Infinitus does not charge anything to use its content/files etc.)

5.  Gain approvals from council/private owner, funding, and/or specific committee as appropriate

6.  CI files provided to Local Champion for production

7.  Plaques, plinth, signs, etc. produced and installed

8.  Unveiling ceremony.

Cor Infinitus at PTS22 conference.
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