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The Name

‘Cor’ is Latin for ‘heart’ and is the root word for ‘courage’.

The original meaning of courage was ‘to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart’.

‘Infinitus’ is the Latin word for ‘infinite’ meaning ‘boundless’ or ‘endless’.

Infinite is the magnitude of loss felt by families when a loved one takes their own life.

It is also so often, the scale of love felt for that person by those around them – but they struggle to see it. Finally, infinite is also the amount of time left without that person.

Courage is needed by the families to face each day moving forward after a loved one has taken their life. No doubt both love and courage have been needed by the family

each day until this point also.

As families deal with the aftermath of a loved one taking their own life, boundless love and strength are needed to overcome the questions and doubt that exist.

Their hearts need to share rather than hide their pain.

The families need Infinite Courage.

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